Sunday, January 27, 2008

I'm back- with a little personal indulgence.

Matt, Anne, Hannah and Kelvin
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I can't believe that it's actually been about 5 weeks since I blogged. With blogging and working and creating via the internet being so much part of my life for the last couple of years I do find it strange that, to be honest, I really haven't missed it. I think that actually it's done me good to have a good long break. But I am now looking forward to getting back into it.
It will be interesting how the next few months go. We have our daughter, Hannah's wedding coming up the end of March and much of my time over the past few weeks has been spent talking and thinking and making decisions about the wedding. I think that's been the main reason why I have taken a good long break from blogging. Although on holidays I have had something to keep me very busy and I guess that over the next few weeks it will become busier and busier with juggling school and wedding preparations.
So here is a little personal indulgence- with nothing to do with education and web2.0. But I figure that once in a while I can enjoy being Mother of the Bride. Should be fun :)

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