Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Designing Units of Work

In a parallel life I am also an Intel Teach to the Future Senior Trainer for the Victorian Department of Education and Intel Australia.
In previous posts I mentioned that I travelled to the US to train in a program called Intel Thinking with Technology. Over the next few months I will be introducing this program to Australia through some pilot workshops in three states.
This week I am talking at the Victorian CeLL/Intel Conference in Melbourne.
Rather than destroy a few trees photocopying the information, I thought I would put the links on this post and then have interested teachers go to my blog.
Australian Intel Education site.

Teachers can currently view three unit plans that have been written by Australian teachers in Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales.
The Thinking With Technology will be a pilot project and is designed to train Master Trainers and Participant Teachers in the use of the online thinking tools.
The course will help teachers to look at ways that we can use the online tools help students visually represent their understanding of complex and interconnected issues.
The Thinking with Technology tools are already freely available to all teachers and can be accessed under the section called Thinking Tools-Supporting Higher-Order Thinking.

Changing Blogs

Much has happened with our students and blogging since my last post. I've taken the advice of my good friend Jamie and decided that the best place for our Year 7&8 students to place their blogs is in the much safer environment of edublogs and more specifically learnerblogs.
We now have a blog portal for Wedderburn College bloggers and this provides links to the student's blogs.