Sunday, April 22, 2007

This is what happens when you get busy...the less pressing things gets let go. Notice that I say pressing rather than important. This process of reflecting and sharing and creating ideas is important but perhaps is the thing that gets dropped off the list when there are things to do.
But I'll try to get to it more regularly if I can.
But here is something that caught my eye and prompted me to comment.
One of the things that I rely on most is the community that is out there who are willing to share their ideas.
A leader in the learning community for many years (I think) is Bryn Jones. ( sorry Bryn if you are a young gun) He runs the very successful company, Atomic Learning which provides online tutorials for teachers and ICT educators all around the world.
It's great to hear that he has now entered the world of blogging. See Bryn's Blog. I'm sure his thinking will be worth following.-
A case in point is one of his first posts which shares a very clever video creating an I'll let you enjoy it and take from it what you will.