Monday, April 17, 2006

Cool things I saw shopping in USA

OK I'm back in Oz. And now I have some time to reflect on a few experiences over in that huge shopping mall on the other side of the world.
8 hours to kill in LA before flying on to Portland. What is a girl to do but go shopping? Well there is no other choice for this girl.
But even for a seasoned shopper like myself there were a few eye openers and interesting observations.
So here goes...
Things we don't do in Australia... or things that I haven't seen

  • line up in one line and wait to get served (maybe in supermarkets but not in clothes shops)

  • sign for credit card on LCD screen (we still sign on paper) see pic

  • get our shoes shined in the street
  • buy our newspapers from containers in the street( we buy them at the newsagent or get them delivered)
  • have ice skating rinks in the middle of shopping centres with kids learning how to ice skate
  • people drving everywhere with mobile phones to their ears. (illegal in Australia)
  • people driving on the right hand side of the road
  • me having to remember to walk on the right hand side of the street cause I kept on walking into other people
  • having to remember to tip people (we don't do it here)

There were lots of other cool things that I saw that I'll add to in the next few days.