Thursday, November 24, 2005

VITTA Conference

my mind is swimming after spending three days at a conference in Melbourne talking and listening with teachers of ICT. The thing that struck me most was hearing about how rapidly the world that our students live in is changing and therefore what that means for us as educators.
what do the kids that we teach know about technology? more so what don't they know...
I stopped in Bendigo on the way home to catch up with my sister and her four year old son Ned. He was playing with a leap frog The Wiggles game thingy and the way he interacted with it made me think all the more about what his world is going to look like.
It's mind him it is so natural and clearly part of his world. He loves nothing more than when his Aunty Anne gets out her laptop so that he can visit The Wiggles website.
can't wait to talk with my kids tomorrow at school about what I learnt.