Monday, March 05, 2007

A change is as good as a holiday

Why change the title from Educating Anne to Think, Wonder and Learn with the Web? 'Cause I can I guess.
I'm thinking that this year will be a new opportunity to explore what is out there in www land and to create new opportunities for the teachers and students at our school to think, wonder and learn. It's funny, I was just thinking that I sort of think of the web as something separate, it's out there, it's removed from us.
But of course it's not. It's constantly referred to. Every business, every media outlet, every educational institution to name a few, would be mad not to have an online presence.
It makes me wonder about those who don't or choose not to have access to the web.
As time moves on will it be harder and harder for them to function comfortably with no knowledge of how to get to a website, how to send email, how to buy things online?
But in order to learn you have to use it.
And to use it you will probably want or have a need.
Part of my role here at school is to create that need for both teachers and students.