Thursday, January 31, 2008

Google Docs

I love Google Docs. It's such a simple way to collaborate, store, access documents that I have created for school. Particularly when you are collaborating with another teacher in another school, Google docs is a perfect way to share and collaborate when planning and creating units of work. Today I created some class lists with students email addresses and once complete it was only a matter of sharing with the other teachers who teach these students via an email to let them know that they can access and edit the document whenever they need to.
Even better when checking out Jane's eLearning tip of the day, I've discovered a cool little addon that will work with Firefox and Flock that places my Google Docs in a sidebar. With this bar I can drag and drop files that I have already created and stored on my hard drive into a section of the sidebar and they are automatically loaded into my Google Docs account. How cool is that?


ajep said...

Thanks for that - sounds awesome. I'm determined to use google docs more, to collaborate on vocab lists and writing skills and I was looking for some way of easily transferring files that I already use. Nice!
Andrew J

Anne said...

Google docs are great. I'm sure that I haven't really explored all the possibilities. It's a great place to back up files as well.