Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Creative Commons- who can use my work

Yesterday the students and I worked on an activity using Flickr. I wanted the students to learn a little bit about Flickr and create some fun Christmassy things using Flickr images. There are obviously millions of images posted on Flickr with many beautiful ones tagged Christmas. But there are some of these that have All Rights Reserved and others that have Some Rights Reserved. Then there are others that have No Rights Reserved and lots more in between. So that prompted me to look up exactly what all of these terms really mean. It's something that as teachers we should all have our heads around as we prompt our students to work more and more with so much of the internet. So I checked out this great site Creative Commons.org which basically explains it all and more. It has a wizard that takes you through what rights you want to have and then gives you the exact license you need to post on your work. You can also choose particular rights according to the country you live in. I think that all of us educators out there need to make ourselves very familiar with these issues especially now that so many of our students are both accessing, using and posting on the web. I will certainly be having my Year 7, 8, 9 & 10 students learning more about this next year.

Creative Commons License

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Chris said...

Thanks for the timely reminder Anne... CC is a wonderful way to refine your rights, and yes we DO need to be talking to more teachers and students about it. Many teachers I know - many of whom are very copyright conscious - have never heard of CC. They operate on the idea that EVERYTHING is not to be used, so are very limited in what they attempt with kids. CC can change a lot of that.

Check out the videos explaining CC at http://support.creativecommons.org/videos#ccp

Also check out the recent TED talk by Larry Lessig, founder of CC.

Thanks for the prompt... think I need to bloga bout this too. ;-)

Sue Waters said...

Hi Anne - just thought you might be interested in this article by Skelliewag because it is an excellent overview of Flickr Creative Commons licenses. Also has a follow up article on how to properly reference the photos.

Sue Waters
Mobile Technology in TAFE