Sunday, September 24, 2006

Our new podcasting venture

In the last couple of days of term I worked with our Tanya's Grade 2/3 students to help them voice record their reports that they had written about their frogs. They loved the experience and loved to hear their voice once we loaded it up on the web. It was really simple using audacity, an opensource software free download that records and edits sounds. we even used some copyright free music to add some background music to the recordings.
really cool and the kids loved it.
Next term I'm working with some students in Grade Three/Four and I can see that we are going to have a real opportunity to develop this idea further and perhaps create a real podcast with RSS feed and all.


Darrel said...

Well done Anne! Great to hear that you are exploring the podcasting area. is a very easy to use webstite to get a podcast online quickly and with rss feed. You can even record in the web browser! My son Trent did one yesterday.

We looked at but some of the the top rated podcasts on the frontpage were not suitable for a younger audience.
Keep up the great work ... it 's great to see you making it happen!

BTW the RSS text feed works for the kids blog on (it just seems that it doesn't do the media enclosures correctly). You could always use and point it to the kids blog and it will do the rest.

Darrel said...

Update ... your podcast RSS feed works:)) I had an extra bit in the address. You have everything you need! Just put this URL into iTunes or juicer and it all works as a podcast with RSS feed etc.