Monday, April 03, 2006

Sitting in my Motel Room in uptown Portland, Oregon.

Well here I am in my motel room having flown across the other side of the world to see new things, meet new people and learn new stuff.
How, you say, did this happen? Luck, more than anything but also the generosity of Intel and particularly their educational program Intel Teach to the Future Essentials that provides integrating ICT in the classroom training for teachers all over the world including the Australian states of Victoria, Queensland and NSW, the influence of the Victorian Ed Dept and the kindness of Wedderburn College for letting me come.
So here I am and what I plan to do is to document this experience via my blog so that you, dear reader, can get an idea of the experience of one teacher flying across the other side of the world to meet other teachers from all over the world.
The image that I have added is at the beginning of my journey taken from Melbourne airport as I was waiting to board the United Airlines flight. 27 hours (included an 8 hour stopover at Los Angeles) here I am. More to come...

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