Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Flying is like being a sheep getting shorn

2 hours to Sydney-13 hours to LA-8 hours stopover-3 hours to Portland and I got here.

A few thoughts about flying.
It occurred to me while getting on a plane for the third time that flying in economy class is a bit like the way my dad used to draft sheep when I was growing up.

Picture this...
Sheep-When it was time for shearing all the sheep would be herded into the sheep yards.
Humans-When it's time to fly we humans all make our way to the giant sheep yard in Melbourne called Tullamarine Airport.

Sheep-Once the mob of sheep got to the sheep yards they were herded down a long corral and were sorted by my dad into the rams, the ewes and the wethers.
Humans-we get to the airport, we line up in great long lines and get herded through the check in counter into First Class, Business Class and Economy.

Sheep-if it looks like rain they are rushed through the yards and into the shed ready for shearing where they wait for hours
Humans-we are told that we have to be at the airport three hours early and then we sit and wait for hours for our plane.

Sheep-each sheep is dragged out by the shearer and stripped of all their wool. Their wool is then picked over by the wool classer and all the bad bits are picked out.
Humans- we go through customs, get picked over, all the bad bits (like sharp things and metal stuff) are picked over or checked

Sheep- the sheep get shoved down a shute and out a little door and squashed into a yard to wait for the other sheep to be shorn.

Humans- in ecomony class you walk down a long corridor and into a plane that has all the people squashed in as tight as possible.

And that's why I think we are sort of like sheep getting shorn when we fly:

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