Tuesday, November 11, 2008

He's right next door

Tonight as I have been working I have been chatting on Skype at the same time with an amazing young teacher who teaches in another small country school only about 30 minutes drive away from where I teach. Given that there are many times where I look to find other like minded teachers who are using technology in country schools it is so refreshing to see that mrrobbo is close by and is inspirational in the things that he is doing with his students. So tonight I have checked out a wiki that he has created http://h311oe.wikispaces.com/with his Year 12 Outdoor Education class, listened to a podcast interview that he did with a Canadian teacher Rod Lucier of Clever Sheep blog fame and checked out a couple of new sites (for me at least) http://woices.com/ and http://qik.com which both look really interesting when combined with mobile phone technologies. All in all a very inspirational and fascinating chat with a young teacher who is just starting out on his teaching career. I would happily be in his class.


Anonymous said...

Thanks heaps for the kind words, it was great sharing ideas with you also. Look forward to keeping in touch

Michael said...

Hi Anne,
I’m a frequent visitor to your blog and enjoy your posts. It’s always fun to see what others think of the new web 2.0 world we live in and how it will change the way we communicate with one another.

I’d also like to introduce you to BusinessWeek BSL – Business as a Second Language. It’s a way for intermediate to advanced English language learners to practice their English while staying in the loop on current events. Check out the demo here: http://tinyurl.com/5owsa8 - I'd love to hear what you think.


Anonymous said...

Love technology