Thursday, September 18, 2008

Giving Students a Voice

Edutopia, supported by the George Lucas Foundation is a great resource for teachers. There is great depth in the site which gives a wide range of resources, lesson plans, videos, links to other blogs as well as blogs within the site.
I came across this rather simple yet powerful idea to give students a voice. wants to hear from you about which skills you think your school should teach to help you succeed in life. Kids are experts on the modern digital world, and we think it's time adults listened. Create a video stating your opinion, and submit it by October 15 -- we'll publish our favorites on

It's simple -- there are just five steps:

  1. Create a video, no more than one minute long, answering this question:
    "What do you think is the most important skill to learn for your future -- and why?"
    The footage could consist of straightforward talking to the camera, or something more creative.
  2. Introduce yourself with your first name only.
  3. Obtain parental consent for taping and posting on the Internet if you are younger than eighteen years old.
  4. Post the video on YouTube and tag it "edutopiaskills." (Note that YouTube users must be at least thirteen years old.)
  5. Send an email to, telling us your name, age, parental contact information, and hometown, and include a link to the video.

You'll need a (free) YouTube account to do the upload. Find YouTube's instructions for uploading here and for directions for tagging here.

I love the simplicity of it. I think we'll have a go next term with our Year 9/10 students.


Grace said...

Hi Anne and friends in Australia. We've extended the deadline for Edutopia's Youth Voices videos to October 31. We hope the extra time makes it easier for your students to participate. Looking forward to seeing their contributions!

Grace Rubenstein
Staff writer and multimedia producer

Anne said...

Thanks so much Grace. That definitely gives us a bit more breathing space. I have the students working on their videos at the moment. I hope they will all be ready to go by the deadline.