Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Olympics: Love it or Hate it, we can't ignore it-aka A Day in a Sentence

The Olympics is probably on the mind of most of us at the moment.
We might be teachers using this opportunity for our students to do a little bit of real maths, or google geography, or civics and citizenship or just a bit of fun keeping track of how our country is going. Perhaps on the other hand you are trying to avoid it all by spending more time outside in the beautiful weather if you live in the northern hemisphere or staying by the heater and reading a good book to avoid the freezing cold weather if you live in the southern hemisphere.

Perhaps you are a sports junkie and you are struggling to stay awake each day if watching it overnight (again it will depend where you live) or perhaps during the day you are finding all sorts of reasons to wander past the tv or stream it live on your computer or iphone. Either way the Olympics have given me a theme for our Day in a Sentence for this week.
Let's call it Olympics, Love it or Hate it, we can't ignore it.

It is my privilege to host Kevin's ( of Kevin's Meandering Mind fame ) A Day in a Sentence for this week. Kevin is on holidays on a beach somewhere I think. And so a few readers of his blog have been volunteering over the past few weeks to keep the Day in a Sentence process going via our own blogs.
Check here for the archives of all Kevin's Day in a Sentence.

So my challenge to you is to come up with a sentence that encompasses your Olympics 2008 experience. Love it or hate it, it's a bit hard to ignore so why not embrace it.

Write it in the comments section of this post or send it to me at annieb3525 (at) On Sunday I will collate them and post them all for you to see. Feel free to send any images that demonstrate your thoughts and ideas to my email and I will add them as well.

I can't wait to read your thoughts.


BK said...

Hi Anne
Good to see your blog and your announcement is already up. Would you like me to send what you have posted for the rest of his readership?

Anne said...

Yes please Bonnie. That would be great. I wasn't sure what the process was there.

Lucy Lou said...

Hi Anne from Ballarat Grammar!
This comes from our lovely Year 6 teacher, Janet, and her students who wrote an acrostic sentence about what the Olympics means to them:
"Ozzies love your magnificent participation in competitive games, actively modelling excellent sportsmanship."
Can't wait to read other responses!
Lucy :)

Mike Mansour said...

Great lead in to the Week in a Sentence. Here is my week:

School starts next week and I've been busy getting my classroom together and re-tooling my website for the start of the year.

J. Hawke said...

Hello, Anne! Very interesting take on the Day in a Sentence.
I don't love or hate the Olympics, though. I actually was going to post the other day (after I saw and replied to your comment at my site) that I hadn't really had anything to do with the Olympics yet. But I couldn't get this page to load, and the next day I heard a radio story of sorts about swimmer Michael Phelps that was really inspiring.
Um, but that's not my sentence. It can't be this week. This week has just been too big for that. I'll be back!!

dkzody said...

I am cheering for Michael Phelp's mom. No one ever gives credit to the parents of these amazing athletes, and you know they have made major sacrifices for their kid to get to this point.

Blogger In Middle-earth said...

Today I have a headache,
my eyeballs hurt a bit,
for all the things I did
at the TV where I sit -
so if you wish to speak with me
the only thing I bid
is drop your voice a wee,
and keep it simple stupid.

Kathryn Greenhill said...

Is money being spent on circuses when worldwide people need bread, so ignored it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs Baird, my name is Hayley and I am 7 years old and this is my sentence:
The Olympics are important to me because I know that athletes are kind and caring and show great sportsmanship and they are qualities that I want to have too!!!

Lucy said...

It's the athletes with the golden hearts, not necessarily the gold medals that I love most about the Olympics.

Mathew said...

As I return to work Monday at two new schools I'm hoping for at least a bronze in filing, desk setting up, and meeting people.

BK said...

I am glued to my TV screen as Michael Phelps swims for gold after gold, making it look second nature.

I can imagine what he and the young athletes have given up for this chance; what passion and dedication!

In my reality, this week has been filled with stimulating work with teachers and computers and finished with a great new Woody Allen movie, Vicky Christina Barcelona. Thumbs up!

Anonymous said...

My sons have finally arrived in Beijing for the Olympic games, after a trans-Siberian train ride from Russia, where on route they were in Mongolia when Mongolia won their first ever gold medal and they witnessed the celebrations, the sheer sense of pride and bonding of a country and its citizens, that the Olympic games can bring.

Rick Glass said...

Our Leading Yankee Michael Phelps Is Champion Supreme.


Gail Desler said...

I'm a day late, but "love it" moment of the Olympics was Dara Torres capping her comeback with 3 silver medals!