Saturday, July 12, 2008

Twitter & microblogging

Last night I decided to clean up my blog a little and give it some attention that it dearly needed. I spent a few productive hours and I'm pretty happy with the results. But much of it was just 'busy stuff, being productive but not a lot of thinking or learning. So what kept me amused and what probably made a job that should have taken one hour stretch out to three was all the Twitter tweets that came through via twhirl as I was working. Many of them lead me to another site or a blog or a bookmark that interested me.
Twitter is kinda like blogging but not. Some people use it to say what they are up to at that particular moment, others use it to say what they are reading or viewing, others use it to start conversations or ask questions. It can be referred to as microblogging. Twitter is as powerful and as useful (or intrusive) as you choose to make it. Check out some ways that Laura Milligan suggests that we educators could use twitter with our colleagues or students.
25 Twitter Tips for College Students.
You might also like to check out sirexkat's Adventures in Microblogging which she created in flowgram. Very interesting summing up of lots of different ways to microblog but at this stage I think I'll stick with Twitter. :)
PS Flowgram is still in beta, but you can request to try it out.


Anonymous said...

Hi Anne, this is an awesome website, check it out


Susan Harley

Susan Harley said...

Hi Anne, I have been reading some of your blog, it is very interesting. I had a look as the FA academy website, it is great to see teachers using so much technology and sharing it. This website I have added is amazing, it creates enormous word splashes from your own text, simply copy and paste and press the button. There is also a gallery of other people's wordles and you can publish online if you want to.

Anne said...

Yes it's a beautiful site Susan. I love the way it changes according to the number of entries you make. Using it to demonstrate delicious links for example give a very visual view of your most popular tags.