Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Blogging letter to parents

This week I have been spending quite a bit of time preparing a class blog and individual blogs for students in Grade 3/4. I have also been trying to get my head around Wordpress. I have avoided it up until now as in the past every time I tried to set something up I would run into problems. But this time I was determined to beat it as I expect that we will be using edublogs, learnerblog, globalteacher and globalstudent for blogging when all Victorian schools sign up for the Ultranet. I'm happy to say I think I'm getting there. But what was very helpful was a link that my colleague Anne Mirtschin sent to me as well as some very helpful twittering from ictguy.
Click on this link to get a very useful pdf tutorial on Edublogs which used Wordpress. The next step was to compose a letter to our parents to explain the process and ensure that they understand and are comfortable with their students entering the blogging world. Here are some examples that budtheteacher has posted to his wiki . Check out all the other samples and ideas that he has. Well worth a few hours exploration.
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Gail Desler said...

Hello Anne,

I'm updating the Edublogs manual right now and will send you the link within the next few days.


murcha said...

Great to see all your entries and that you are sharing resources with staff. It was 12 months ago, that I attended the ICTEV conference and sat in some web2.0 sessions. This was a trigger for my entry into web2.0 tools use in education and the start of an incredible journey. I loved your day in a sentence and colour images. Thanks

Anne said...

No probs Anne. I wish I was going to the ICTEV conference as I usually go every year. But this year it is too close to a week that I have to take from school to run an Intel Essentials workshop. So I'll have to be there in spirit.

Kevin said...

The wonderful thing about this world is the willingness of folks to share resources. Gail has done a fantastic job with her guide. And Anne has really reflected on how she approaches blogging with kids.

If it helps, here is my classroom blog: http://epencil.edublogs.org/


PS - Thanks for participating in Day in a Sentence this week.