Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Beautiful images in Tag galaxy

Today as I continue to work with the teachers in my Intel course, one of the participants came across this beautiful site. Called Tag Galaxy, it is visually stunning and beautifully dynamic. It is a way to search for images and then to narrow the search by choosing categories that appear on the screen. The more planets(tags) you click the more you narrow your search. You do have to have a flickr account to actually get the images and of course if that is the case then you need to at the very minimum ask permission. These screen grabs don't do it justice. You HAVE to go and look at it. It's stunning.
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Jason said...


I am just amazed daily by the awesome power of the internet and the unimaginable only yesterday that is now real ... all by just looking out there. I find my own A3 photocopied, laminated and hand coloured illustrations of a submarine a bit of a poor substitute to sites like this one especially as these sites are just as available to my seven year olds as they are to me.

Thanks for sharing and I tried to share it today at school with a few others but we did not have the correct version of flash. I'll try again tomorrow.


Anne said...

I agree Jason that there are things on the net that are mindblowing. The challenge for teachers I guess is to recognise the potential and to create opportunities for students to 'fly'.