Sunday, December 02, 2007

Women of the Web2.0 & Digital Storytelling

I have recently joined the Fernwood Gym in Bendigo. I felt like it was time to give myself sometime to get fitter and healthier. But for me ( I live in a small country town) it means an hour & 15min drive each way to get there. A big commitment I know but so far so good. I'm getting there at least two times a week and often I can manage three by staying overnight and going in the evening and then in the morning before driving the hour to work.
As I am driving so much I have been taking the opportunity to listen to podcasts along the way. For pure pleasure I listen to Hughesy and Kate from Nova100, a Melbourne radio station that I normally can't pick up. It's a lot of silly fun but it makes me laugh and what better way to start or end the day.
For stimulation and inspiration I listen to a number of different podcasts created by teachers from all over the planet. The one I listened to today as I was travelling to Bendigo to put in a step and a pump class was created by the Women of Web2 who are Vicki Davis, Sharon Peters, Cheryl Oakes and Jennifer Wagner, four inspirational women who are challenging us all and leading the way in using Web2.0 in the classroom. Although recorded a few weeks ago, I listened to an interview with Ewan MacIntosh and David Jakes. What particularly interested me was the discussion around Digital Storytelling and the purpose, pedagogy and learning opportunities around this particular type of narrative. The way that David Jakes described it was it begins with a story, created, written, told. From that narrative a script is distilled. In other words the meaning is finessed through drafts. Then once the script is created, the student creates a storyboard which includes the use of words, images, video, music. At this stage the students may have not even used a computer. Then once the narrative is storyboarded, they begin to search for or create images, music, short videos that will enhance and add meaning to the story. This is where the array of web2.0 tools can add to the potential and power of the story. The final and perhaps the most important part is the presentation or sharing of the story with fellow classmates and hopefully the online world. I can see that I have a lot more researching to do, but it has piqued enough interest to know that this is something I want to know more about.


Cheryl Oakes said...

Hi Anne, glad we can take your weekly journeys with you. I do like long trips, 3 hour- to ski each weekend-because I can get so many great podcasts into my learning and conversations! Get your own recorder and start giving us your audio responses. Thanks! Cheryl Oakes

Anne said...

that's an interesting idea. Hasn't technology become so ubiquitous? I was without email for a couple of days and I felt like I had lost my right arm. We do so depend on it.
Great to hear from you Cheryl. I do admire you all from afar.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am enrolled in a teaching and instruction class for my secondary education degree and we are required as our final project to make a digital story. It interested me that something so new with the internet and the classroom is actually being used and done in my education classes. I think that it is important that it is mandatory for every student that is going to be an educator; especially secondary education, to learn about digital stories and the many other new uses of the internet for the classroom before they graduate from college.

Anne said...

HI Jessica
I agree wholeheartedly with you. I also think that it should be mandatory for all student teachers to familiarise themselves with the role of the internet in the classroom and equally importantly the influence that the internet plays in our student's lives. In fact this year we are mandating that all teachers at our school must create a digital portfolio using a wiki for their performance and development process. This mirrors the expectation we have for all our students in Year 7-10 who also have to create a portfolio using a wiki- a wikifolio. It will be interesting to see how it pans out. cheers Anne