Sunday, September 09, 2007

Adding images on the web

A few weeks ago I was reading Darrel Branson's blog The ICT Guy and he mentioned that he uses pic resize to resize images that are to be uploaded to blogs and wikis. In the past I have (and still do) teach my students how to quickly optimise images in Fireworks or Paintshop Pro. But pic resize will now also become an additional option for our students to use when they quickly want to resize something to up load to the web. It's so easy. All you do is select the picture you want to resize, choose quick resize, go through the options, download the image (you have to download it within 20 minutes or you will lose it) and the upload to your blog or wiki. Cool !!


Jess said...

Hi Anne,

I have tagged you as part of the K12 Online Conference meme. I got tagged by Chris Betcher. Anyway, this is a great opportunity to say hello, and that I have been reading your blog for a while. I think you might have even had some contact with some teachers at my school - Marg or Anne from Hawkesdale College?

About the meme (sorry if you have already been tagged), please check out my blog at to see what the task is.

Yours in blogging,
Jess Mc. :-)

Anne said...

Hi Jess
thanks for tagging me. Luckily I checked out your blog before politely declining as I thought it was the tagging activity that was floating around the blogosphere the past couple of months. But I can see now that it is something completely different and worth passing on. BTW, totally awesome blog. I will add you to my rapidly growing list of feeds. I'll have to prune it somehow as I only have 24 hours in the day :)