Sunday, April 01, 2007

The challenge is how we respond...

This video link was sent to me from a colleague, Dyane Smokorowski who is a fellow Senior trainer in Intel in Kansas USA. It challenges us to think about how the web has developed and how it is changing the way we think, work and play. I will show some of our staff at school this although I wonder if it is still a little too foreign and new and will end up confusing rather than supporting their understanding. On the other hand we have to challenge and recognise that this is all happening under our noses and if we don't choose to understand we will do so at our peril.


mark said...

Hi Anne

Fantastic Video.

I've been using it in staff development meetings to introduce staff to the 21st century "flat" world that Friedman talks about. The audience is usually divided amongst those that are inspired, and those that express fear! I think one term being used currently to define the fearful, is digital refugee.

I'd love to know if the resonse you (or anyone else) gets is similar.

Anne said...

I think you are so right about the divide. I suspect that the majority will be on the side of the digital refugees unfortunately. So I wonder how we support those teachers. I need to investigate Freidman's work some more. I must admit that I have heard heaps about it but haven't read the book. Do you have a link that would give me a bit more insight?

mark said...

Try this link
It contains a wikipedia summary, a short video, and a link to Freidman speaking about his book.